Cop Pulls Over Little Princess Driving Toy Car

A little princess got an early lesson in obeying traffic laws when a police officer pulled her over in a California park.

The Fresno Police Department posted on their Facebook page adorable photos of Officer Erik Castillo “pulling over” Princess Avery Sanchez.

Avery and her family were in the park celebrating Easter and Avery was “driving” her toy sports car.

Officer Castillo could’ve given Avery her first ticket, instead he presented her with junior officer motor sticky badge and wished her a “Happy Easter.”

Fox5 reports that Officer Castillo was in Fresno’s Roeding Park as part of a Safe Easter In The Park operation.

Thank goodness he took care of that crazy driver, Princess Avery!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.19.43 AM

Avery’s mother was thrilled her daughter’s first experience getting pulled over was featured on the Fresno Police Department’s Facebook page.

Below the photo she commented, “I want to thank officer Costello and rest the Of the officers. For making my daughter’s first Easter so memorable.”

Let’s see if mom is as happy once little Avery is a teen driver!

For now, it’s pure adorable sweetness.

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Cop Pulls Over Little Princess Driving Toy Car

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