Kids Form Human Arrow To Point Cops Toward Crooks

How about these brilliant, quick thinking kids who came up with the idea to form a human arrow to point cops in a helicopter above toward the direction they saw a couple of crooks run.

This all went down in Surrey, England about 90 minutes outside of London.

The kids were in a field taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt, when they see two guys on the run and a police helicopter hovering above.

The helicopter crew was able to relay the information to police on the ground.

In no time, the two burglary suspects where arrested.

Police Sgt. Paul Sochon told The Telegraph Newspaper, “As a thank you for their efforts, the NPAS crew landed nearby to thank the children for the role they played in the incident and they even shared a few chocolate treats with the team, which was an added bonus after a busy shift.”

Here’s how the quick-thinking juvenile police assistants carried out their quick thinking:
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Kids Form Human Arrow To Point Cops Toward Crooks

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