Impossible Trash Can Toss Scores A’s For Entire Chemistry Class

Ohio State University student, Vinny Forte, makes impossible trash can toss insuring everyone in his organic chemistry class gets an "A" on the first quiz of the semester.

Consider this– the impossible trash can toss heard across the campus of The Ohio State University.

One student, Vinny Forte, got what seemed like a impossible dare from the professor in organic chemistry.

Make the shot from across the lecture hall and everyone in the class would get an “A” on the first quiz of the year.

The attempt and success was captured on video and shared on Twitter.

What kind of professor comes up with a challenge like this?

One that is creative in teaching principles of organic chemistry.

Someone in the class explained on Reddit how the challenge came to pass.

“The professor was demonstrating electron energy levels with some ball representing the electron. He threw the ball up there at the beginning of lecture, and then talked for a bit. I think most people forgot about it until he told the person to throw it in the trashcan.”

There’s also that embarrassing moment when the young woman who shot the video and referred to the shooter as, “Benny,” figured out that his name is actually, Vinny.

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Impossible Trash Can Toss Scores A’s For Entire Chemistry Class

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