Newspaper Fosters Rescue Dogs Until They Find New Homes

The Greenville News in Greenville, SC takes care of rescue dogs until they can find a new home. It's called their Newshound Program.

Nothing like some adorable rescue dogs (are there any other kind?) to bring us all together.

While so many are busy ripping apart “The Media” during this election season here is one small city newspaper we can all love.

The Greenville News in Greenville, South Carolina has a program where they foster a rescue pup until he or she finds a new home.

The Newshound program started last year.

The paper’s staff fostered and found homes for five dogs.

This year, they took it up a few biscuits, inviting the fine folks of Greenville to stop by the newspaper offices to meet the latest Newshound pup and check out other dogs of all ages that need homes with the help of Greenville County Animal Care.

It’s all part of a fabulous goal for GCAC. They are determined to become a no-kill shelter.

What better way to spread the word than with social media.

The Newshounds now have their own Twitter and Instagram feeds.

And for you who think there are no happy endings in America’s newspapers, check out this series of tweets from @GreenvilleNewsHound:

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Newspaper Fosters Rescue Dogs Until They Find New Homes

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