Voiceless Radio Reporter Jamie Dupree Reinvents Career With Cutting Edge Technology

Radio reporter Jamie Dupree is back on the airwaves after losing his voice to a rare neurological disorder. Thanks to new synthesized technology.

The affliction has been like a bad joke for accomplished radio reporter Jamie Dupree. He has a hugely important job. He covers Washington for all COX radio stations across the country.

About two years ago he lost his voice.

Not lost his voice like a bad case of laryngitis or screamed too loud at a concert lose your voice.

No, he came to discover he has a rare neurological disorder called, “tongue protrusion dystonia.”

He explains in the Atlanta Journal Constitution not being able to do his job has been the least of his challenges and frustrations.

“I can talk a little with a pen in my mouth, getting out words and phrases that are more slurred than anything else.

And the thing that I struggle to explain to people is something more basic – this isn’t just about being on the radio. I can’t really have an extended conversation with my kids, my wife, my father, my sister, my friends and family. I can’t say much to the guys I play golf with, my neighbors, or anyone.”

He has been to countless doctors and checked out emerging new technologies.

Finally, with the help of a lot of powerful people, he appears to have found a tool that will help him get back on the airwaves.

Dupree writes today that a “Scottish company named CereProc, which agreed to sift through years of my archived audio, and build a voice – which, when paired with a text-to-speech application – would sound like me, and hopefully get me back on the radio.

The big news today is that it looks like that is going to work, and allow me to “talk” on the radio again.

He posted a sample of what his new “voice” sounds like.

I’ll take it!

I so look forward to hearing Dupree’s excellent reporting on the airwaves once again.

Congratulations, Jamie! Thank you for the inspiration of not giving up. And thank you to all the angels and friends who have shown up to help you along the way.

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Voiceless Radio Reporter Jamie Dupree Reinvents Career With Cutting Edge Technology

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