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6 Things About Daryn

You look so much like….

Yes, I used to be that anchor on CNN.

Those were 12 amazing years anchoring breaking news,

xmas letter 055

 covering war,


traveling Africa with U2’s Bono,

more oscar prvue 090

 covering Oscars’ Red Carpet.


If you love doing news, and a I did, there is no better place to do it than CNN.

Why would I leave a gig like that?

When they tell you they’re not going to renew your contract after 12 years, you kind of get the idea that your card key won’t be working much longer in the CNN Parking Deck.

How much do you miss that life?

I’d be still sitting there in that anchor seat if they hadn’t shown me the door AND I haven’t missed it for a second.

So what have you done since?

Oh, not much. Only launched this website, a syndicated newspaper column, hosted RLTV’s “Bookmark,” hosted a national radio show, written a non-fiction book, produced and hosted an award-winning documentary, done a bunch of corporate speaking events.

CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOK! “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always, My Dog.”

But what about the important stuff?


Oh yeah, I got married! Miracles never cease. Yep, married a single dad and adopted his daughter. That makes me a mom, too. My Little Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister also lives with us, as well, rounding out the family I always wanted.

What about the wacko animals?

Pisa, the 3-legged cat, is well, crazy. Still.

Pisa, the oh-so-talkative sassing cat gives her opinion as I try to write my column.

Pisa, the oh-so-talkative sassing cat gives her opinion as I try to write my column.

10 chickens in the backyard more than earn their keep with fresh eggs every day.

Two of my naughtier chickens, Missy & Pinky.

Two of my naughtier chickens, Sara & Sara. (We can’t tell them apart, so it was easier to give them the same name.)

One Thing I Know For Sure:

You can’t screw up the right one; Can’t make the wrong one work. This is true in love, jobs, and finding a home.

And my next dog, who I hope will be joining our family in 2017. It will be impossible to replace the one-of-a-kind DarlaDog who left us at the end of 2016, just short of her 17th birthday.  I’m trusting there is a rescue or shelter dog who will join our family when the time is right.


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