Rival Meteorologist And Other Journalists Fill In So WBDJ Journalists Can Go To Memorial

And here you have the other side of journalism. We saw the awful, dark, and twisted mind at work last week when Alison Parker and Adam Wade were shot dead while doing a live shot in Roanoke, Virginia. Monday, two former employees manned the evening broadcasts. Retired anchor Keith Humphry stepped in. Meteorologist Andrew Freiden is now at a rival station, NBC12, but he got his start at WDBJ. They were backed up by crews from CBS’ national news operation

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Inventor Creates Cereal Devices Making Breakfast Silly & More Fun

There’s just something about cereal! What a hoot when Kellogg’s commissioned inventor and designer Dominic Wilcox to come up with creative cereal delivery systems. I’m not sure if any of his ideas are more efficient than the old spoon and bowl, but they sure do spoon up some smiles. Check out some of his inventions: [iframe id=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1210307.html” align=”left”]       See more of the inventions and the thinking behind the project in The Daily Mail.

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From Orphan To NFL Owner, One Of Most Powerful Women In Sports

The call came on Christmas Eve 1974, almost exactly nine months after Ralph and Marilyn Kerr, who were already raising two biological sons in Fairport, NY began the process of trying to adopt a child from overseas. The Kerrs always found that nine-month time frame appropriate and perhaps a bit karmic, “Because that’s how long it takes to make a baby,” Ralph said with a smile. That 5-year-old baby girl became Kim Kerr. She is now married to Terry Pegula

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