Newbie Frequent Flyer Mile Collectors–You Wanna Do This First

This is Husband. The Mad Miles Scientist. He wants to set you up for success as you try to do what he does–collect millions of frequent flyer miles without flying. He’s sitting here telling me, “Folks are so excited. They want to dive into the deep end. Sign up for a bunch of credit cards, to burn the miles you already have.  But really, to make the most of this game, you need to get focused.” So listen to Husband.

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Is Husband’s Surprise A Good Thing?

To be surprised? Or not surprised? That is the marital question I need your help with this week, Dear Reader. I’ve shared in previous columns my husband’s rather quirky, geeky hobby. Crazy, mad genius obsession, might be a better description. Husband collects frequent flyer miles without flying. Millions of them. It’s all the way we spend our money: mortgage, power bill, grocery store, clothes. No dollar goes out the door without generating miles. Make that multiples of miles. We live

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It Takes A Village To Raise My Mom

It takes a village to raise… A parent. You and I have long known about the need of the so-called village of neighbors, friends and family to raise our kids. Today, I’m thanking the village it takes to care for my mom. My mom, who has it made it quite clear she’s not leaving our hometown where she’s spent her entire life, even if all the kids live far away. My mom, who was diagnosed with a mild form of lymphoma a few months ago and has

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