10-Year-Old Girl Sings To Shelter Animals And Helps Them Get Adopted

10-year-old Nancy Tant sings to shelter animals and helps them get adopted.

Nancy Tant wanted the animals at the Humane Society to be happy

10-year-old Nancy Tant loves shelter animals.

She went through training to be one of those kids who reads to animals at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, but it made her sad.

Her mother, Betsy, helped her figure out a better way.  How could she make this a happier experience.

The answer was as close as ukulele Nancy has been learning to play.

She now spends her volunteer time singing to the dogs and cats who are waiting to be adopted.

Here’s a taste of some Nancy Tant serenading.

The Humane Society’s PR director Gwen Schablik tells KnoxNews.com  the music sessions really help, especially the shyer shelter animals. “Numerous studies have shown the benefit and calming factor. It helps them present better to potential adopters.”

That’s a great payoff for Nancy, along with the reward she gets for each singing session. At the end of the each visit she gets to hang around and cuddle with the dogs and cats.

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10-Year-Old Girl Sings To Shelter Animals And Helps Them Get Adopted

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