Boy Gives Up Birthday To Throw Party For Police Officers

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You might expect an 11-year-old boy to dream big when it comes to his birthday plans.

Jeremie Bordua is not any boy.

He chose to spend his birthday throwing a party for police officers.

Jeremie tells CBS News’ Steve Hartman that he’s always wanted to be a police officer and became really sad in recent months when so many police officers were being blamed for terrible deeds.

Jeremie’s mom explained that there are some bad cops, but in general, they are good people who take big risks to protect our communities.

That set Jeremie in action.

You know how you throw a party and you’re never sure who is going to show up?

That was the case for Jeremie when he decided to forgo his birthday party and presents in order to throw a “Thank You” party for police officers.

What happened next is enough to make a birthday for Jeremie that he will never forget.

Even better, neither will any of these cops.



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Boy Gives Up Birthday To Throw Party For Police Officers

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