13-Year-Old Trades In Xbox & Does Odd Jobs To Buy Single Mom A Car

13-year-old William Preston traded in his Xbox and did odd jobs to buy his single mother a car.

William Preston says he wanted to help out single mom during a tough time

Kids today! That’s what single mom Krystal Preston is saying about her son.

That’s what you might be saying with a different meaning once you hear William Preston’s story.

The 13-year-old boy lives in Fernley, Nevada with his mom and two siblings. The family has been going through a tough time.

As the oldest kid, Will tries to do what he can to help out.

He told KOLO-TV that he saw on YouTube how some folks have surprised their mother with a car.

He wanted to do that, too, even though he’s only 13.

When he saw a relatively inexpensive car for sale on Facebook, he reached out to see if he could make a deal with the seller.

The result?

One incredibly happy mother in Krystal Preston.

The station who did the original story has received a number of offers from viewers to help the family. A GoFundMe page has been set up for donations.

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13-Year-Old Trades In Xbox & Does Odd Jobs To Buy Single Mom A Car

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