5th Grade Teacher Connects With Students With Custom Handshakes

Fifth grade teacher, Barry White, Jr. greets each of his students with custom handshakes.

Fifth grade teacher Barry White, Jr. uses handshakes to connect with his students.

The idea is simple.

Each student gets to feel special as they enter his classroom at Ashley Park PreK-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mr. White tells WCNC he believes that moment when he connects with each student is a ticket into their brain.

A chance to teach.

Doubt that?

Just watch the handshakes in action.

Mr. White shares that he’s a big fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He sees LeBron James doing special handshakes with his teammates before each game. He wanted to create that kind of connection with his students, let them feel that they are in this teaching and learning game together.

And yes, I filed this story under my “Heroes” category because I believe teachers like Mr. White are the unsung heroes of our country.

Way to go, Mr. White!

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5th Grade Teacher Connects With Students With Custom Handshakes

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