Actor Becomes Best Friend And Caretaker For 89-Year-Old Neighbor

Actor Chris Salvatore is best friend with his 89-year-old neighbor, Norma Cook. When Norma took ill, Chris moved Norma in with him to care for her.

There’s no telling where you might find your best friend.

31-year-old actor Chris Salvatore found his living across the way in his apartment complex in West Hollywood, CA.

Her name is Norma Cook.

She’s 89-years-old.

Their friendship started slowly.

Norma would wave from her kitchen window as Chris passed by.

He tells the Today Show that one day she invited him in, offered up a glass of champagne and a friendship was born.

It might’ve stayed that way.

Except, Norma’s health took a bad turn late last year.

She doesn’t have any family living nearby.

Chris couldn’t imagine her going into a home, so he moved her in with him across the hall.

He likes to make YouTube videos featuring Norma and her sassy personality.

They’re picking up quite the following.

When Norma got sick, he started a GoFundMe account to help pay for her expenses.

It has already raised more than $61,000.

Chris knows that Norma’s days are numbered.

He’s just soaking up every minute with his best friend.

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Actor Becomes Best Friend And Caretaker For 89-Year-Old Neighbor

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