Ad Seeking “Tortoise Walker” Gets Overwhelming Response

Wanted: A devoted animal lover to be a tortoise walker in New York’s Central Park.

Jaded New Yorkers might think they’ve seen it all, but a tortoise making his way through Central Park can still turn heads.

Amanda Green has had her beloved African tortoise, Henry, for the last couple of years.

Lately, she’s been feeling guilty that she can’t walk him enough.

So, she put an ad on Craig’s List.

That brought a stampede of job applicants.

And the kind of story that CBS News’ Steve Hartman tells so well.

Of course, Henry wouldn’t be a proper modern tortoise without an Instagram account. You can follow him here.

You will see adorable posts of Henry and his big announcement–he’s running for President!

Don’t count him out.

After all, slow and steady wins the race and appears to be a better choice than the people we have to choose from.

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Ad Seeking “Tortoise Walker” Gets Overwhelming Response

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