Amal Clooney Joins Defense Team For Heroic Philippine Journalist Maria Ressa

Amal Clooney will join the international legal team defending heroic journalist Maria Ressa.

Amal Clooney will join the international team defending Maria Ressa from criminal charges

Prominent international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is joining the legal team to defend journalist Maria Ressa.

Ressa runs Rappler, an online news website that has held Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s government accountable for atrocities in that country.

For that, the government has arrested her several times and she faces charges of tax evasion and libel.

Ressa was one a number of international journalists named “Person Of The Year” by Time Magazine in 2018.

‘Maria Ressa is a courageous journalist who is being persecuted for reporting the news and standing up to human rights abuses.’

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney released this statement Monday.

The Daily Mail reports Clooney will join a team of lawyers including representitives from the US, Britain, and Philippines.

The Duterte government is already trying to downplay the even greater international attention Clooney will bring to this case.

Duterte’s spokesman said Philippine law doesn’t allow Clooney to practice law in the Philippines.

As an added jab, Salvador Panelo said he was “excited” to debate with the lawyer whom he described as “beautiful and sexy.”

On the other hand, Maria Ressa is thrilled to have Clooney joining her legal team. She released a statement saying, “I am delighted that Amal Clooney and her team will be representing me at the international level to challenge the violations of my rights and those of the media organisation I represent.”

On a personal note, Maria and I were colleagues at CNN. There is no one I respect more with what she has done with her post-CNN career. She’s a brave journalistic warrior. I’m thrilled she’s getting the support she deserves.

Go, Maria!



Amal Clooney Joins Defense Team For Heroic Philippine Journalist Maria Ressa

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