Amazing, Joyful Dog Reunion After Grandpa’s Long Hospital Stay

Amazing, Joyful Dog Reunion After Grandpa's Long Hospital Stay

Is there any medicine better than a dog reunion?

I don’t know a lot about this dog reunion, except that I came across it on Twitter and it made my heart explode.

“My 96 year old grandad coming home to his dog after 16 days in hospital! The love between them makes you weep!” a woman named Jane Ravenhill writes.

Does she really need to say more?

A great Twitter feed to check out

She made sure to tag an account that goes by @age_uk. Their tagline reads, “We believe in a world where everyone can love later life.”

I’ve just started following them on Twitter. There are so many heartfelt tweets on their feed.

What a concept–Twitter used to spread love instead of hate.

You might to check them out, too.

Seniors & pets a great match says research shows having a pet is good for seniors.

There is the higher level of physical activity. Just needing to take care of a pet means that a senior will get a routine and purpose to their day.

And each of us who talks about our beloved pet too much knows that having a dog or cat means that senior is going to have stories to share with family and caregivers.

Combatting loneliness and depression?

No wonder this grandpa’s reunion with his dog was such a joyful moment.

Do you know a senior with a pet? Please tell me about them in Comments section below.

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Amazing, Joyful Dog Reunion After Grandpa’s Long Hospital Stay

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