Amazing Reason Gene Simmons of KISS Has Never Done Drugs Or Gotten Drunk

Rocker Gene Simmons of KISS says he never gets drunk and has never done drugs. He has a surprising reason why.

This story about rocker Gene Simmons of KISS is not what you would expect to learn about a legendary music star.

Simmons tells The Los Angeles Times that he’s never done drugs or gotten drunk.

That’s incredible enough from a man who has been a superstar in the music industry for decades and the reason why will blow your mind.

Gene Simmons made that pledge early on in his life in honor of his mother.

His mother is a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. She lived through seeing the rest of her family perish in those camps.

Simmons told the Times, “I’m my mother’s only child. I was concerned I had no right to harm my mother. Life did that enough.”
Another Big Factor

And while he made the choice not to do drugs or alcohol to honor his mother, Simmons says staying clean is what has fueled his stamina to stay on top of the music industry for four decades, not to mention getting through long shows wearing make up and costumes that can weigh more than 50 pounds.

Gene Simmons says, “I literally never drink. Privately or publicly. I simply don’t like the taste or the smell of anything with alcohol in it. I have never been drunk in my life and have never taken more than a sip of anything, and hated it every time. I will toast just to be social, but that’s it.”

“I’m not here to convince anyone of my lifestyle,” he said. “This is what I want for me.” But he said he doesn’t understand why someone would choose to hamper their ability to succeed by drinking and doing drugs.

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Amazing Reason Gene Simmons of KISS Has Never Done Drugs Or Gotten Drunk

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