Apple’s Siri Calls Ambulance For Baby And Saves Her Life

Apple's Siri calls for an ambulance as a mother realizes her one-year-old daughter has stopped breathing.

A grateful mother in Australia is giving huge props to Siri and her iPhone for helping to save her baby’s life.

Stacey Gleason knew her one-year-old daughter, Giana, had been sick, so she was keeping a close eye on her.

As she looked at the baby monitor from the other room, she became very concerned, so she dashed in her daughter’s room only to see her turning blue.

In her panic, Stacey tells 7News that she dropped her iPhone.

What to do?

Reach for her daughter, yes, but she also needed her phone to call for help.

In that moment, Stacey, had a brilliant thought, “Get Siri.”

So glad to hear that little Giana is now healthy again.

Her parents are sharing their story in an effort to get others to activate the function on their iPhones.

Turns out, Siri, is good for more than just asking funny questions and seeing how she answers.

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Apple’s Siri Calls Ambulance For Baby And Saves Her Life

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