Awesome Thing Cops Do After Couple Refuses To Dine Near Them

When a couple made it clear they didn't want to dine near a table where cops from the Homestead Police Department were dining, the cops picked up their tab in an act of grace, class and kindness.

Lord knows it sure isn’t being a police officer these days. Cops get it from all sides. Even jabs you might not realize.

Four police officers near Pittsburgh, PN have a story that certainly shows that side of things.

The four cops from the Homestead, PN Police Department were grabbing some dinner at the Eat ‘n Park restaurant where they are regulars.

While they were sitting there waiting for their orders to brought out they overheard a couple that was about to be seated near them.

The couple made it quite clear they didn’t want to be seated anywhere near police officers, making for an uncomfortable situation.

The couple was moved to another area of the restaurant.

What the cops did next is a true touch of class.

KDKA-TV has the story.

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Awesome Thing Cops Do After Couple Refuses To Dine Near Them

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