Bees Living On Top Of Notre Dame Survived The Massive Cathedral Fire

The bees living on top of Paris' Notre Dame cathedral are safe and thriving after last week's devastating fire.

Many feared the Notre Dame bees would succumb to the flames and smoke.

I’ll be the first to admit I had no idea there were bees living on top of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Nicholas Geant has been caring for three hives on top of Notre Dame since 2013.

That’s 180,000 bees making 165 pounds of honey every year.

People Magazine reports the hives are located just below the cathedral’s iconic rose window on the roof over the sacristy that’s below the main roof, which was devastated by the last week’s fire.

While architects and historians are now trying to figure out how to rebuild the iconic cathedral, the bees are actually doing fine.

They’ve been seen flying in and out of the hives.

The French beekeeping company, Beeopic, is responsible for the hives and posted this update on their Instagram feed.

Geant told the Associated Press that the hives were in an area that didn’t burn. As for all the smoke, it just acted as a sedative, keeping the bees calm with the devastation happening all around them.

Geant said, “Instead of killing them, the CO2 (from smoke) makes them drunk, puts them to sleep.”

The Notre Dame hives are part of a Paris-wide effort to increase the declining number of bees, reports the Associated Press. Hives have been placed on other beloved Paris buildings, including the Palais Garnier opera house.

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Bees Living On Top Of Notre Dame Survived The Massive Cathedral Fire

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