Bill Murray Gave A Random Fan His Extra World Series Ticket And Let Her Sit Next To Him

Comedian Bill Murray surprised a random fan by giving her his extra ticket to Game 6 of the World Series and letting her sit next to him. Karen Michel.

Bill Murray is known to make fans laugh with his comedy.

One fan will now forever smile when she thinks of the funny man. shares the incredible Game 6 good fortune for Cubs fan, Karen Michel, who showed up at the Progressive Field box office Tuesday night hoping against hope, that she might be able to buy a single ticket to cheer on her Cubbies.

That long shot, turned out to be just that.

No tickets were available.

So, Michel started walking away.

That’s when she noticed Bill Murray walking by.

She started to follow him.

Crazy stalker lady?

How about one smart fan.

“He turns around and says, ‘Here, here’s a ticket,'” she said. “And he kind of shuttled me into the door. I thought it was just a ticket to get in. But it was a ticket to sit right here.”

Yeah, here, as in right next to Murray, here.

And that’s where she took in Game 6, cheering on her Cubs, seeing them go on to Game 7 and hanging out with Murray and other celebrity Cub fans like Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder and former Detroit Red Wings star Chris Chelios.

And if you look at the photo below, I do believe that is TODAY Show weatherman, Al Roker, sitting behind her right shoulder.

Michel said she and Murray enjoyed the game and swapped stories about growing up as Cubs fans.

She even made Major League Baseball’s Twitter feed.

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Bill Murray Gave A Random Fan His Extra World Series Ticket And Let Her Sit Next To Him

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