Border Collie Saves An Entire Flock of Sheep from Australian Bush Fires

Patsy, the border collie, helped save an entire flock of sheep in the Australia bush fires.

Patsy, the border collie, is a hero!

Patsy, the border collie, is being called a hero in Australia.

Cath Hill says her brother’s six-year-old faithful companion, friend, & dog rounded up sheep as the flames were drawing closer to their farm in the rural town of Corryong in Victoria.

Patsy brought them to the safest paddock on the farm as Cath Hill’s brother fought the fire in a tractor with a tank of water.

Hill’s brother and Patsy were able to save almost all the sheep, hay bales, the shearing shed and farm houses.

Patsy, the border collie, is a good dog!

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Many people have asked for the original video of Patsy to be put up, so here it is….when I stood in this burnt black paddock after the fire ripped through our family farm in Corryong, all I wanted to do was show our friends and family that we were ok, that we were still here, and that even in all the devastation we still had so much to be grateful for. So many others have lost quite literally everything they have. I never dreamed that these 20 seconds of Patsy in a paddock would spread across the world, and that me posting pictures of a little black and white dog would become my way to help my hometown recover from the worst fires in living memory. It’s funny how life works sometimes… These fires are not over. Not even close to being over. They will burn for weeks, months even, and communities all over Australia are going to be hit just like Corryong has been. Our fire season here isn’t even half way through, and it seems like nowhere is safe. It’s easy to feel helpless. But, it’s also easy to help. Make a donation to bushfire relief, no matter how small it is, trust me it will be appreciated. Every little bit helps!

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Hill told Metro she fears the worst is yet to come to this area is southern Australia.

Cath said there has been two days of cooler weather, which has helped stopped the fires moving so fast, but she fears the worse is still come. She said: ‘They are expected to get worse around Thursday this week when hot windy weather returns.’

Looks like Patsy is about to be an international star

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Border Collie Saves An Entire Flock of Sheep from Australian Bush Fires

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