Bored Restaurant Reviewer Serves Chipmunk Daily Custom Fine Dining Meals

Chipmunk gets special daily meals thanks to bored restaurant reviewer.

The chipmunk living in Angela Hansberger’s Atlanta front yard has the best seat at the table.

Hansberger is a food writer by trade.

An industry hard hit by the pandemic.

Hansberger shares her journey of dealing with sadness and boredom in a delight piece in Bon Apetit Magazine.

She writes,  “There are no more new cafés to review or omakase dinners to critique or chicken wing competitions to judge. I’ve hoarded the beans, planted the garden, and grown the scallions on the windowsill.

I’ve written about how industry folks are coping with “the new normal.” But how am I coping? Well.”

When her uncle sent her a fun little present from Ohio, Angela’s sense of whimsy was launched.

It was a tiny picnic table meant for a squirrel.

Angela shares that she put it out front with a few nuts on top.

A chipmunk was her first customer.

She has upped her game from there.

Coming up with intricate miniature meals for what appears to be the same critter showing up day after day.

Consider it a standing reservation.

Of course, CBS News’ Steve Hartman did a perfect job of telling Angela’s story.

You can see the video above.

Has the months of quarantine inspired you to do anything you wouldn’t have thought of?

Please share in the Comments section below.

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Bored Restaurant Reviewer Serves Chipmunk Daily Custom Fine Dining Meals

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