Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Marrying The Firefighter Who Saved Her

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Roseann Sdoia is getting married to Mike Materia, the firefighter who saved her life.

It’s one thing to survive one of the most awful terrorism attacks in US history.

It’s another to have that be the way you meet the man of your dreams.

All this was the last thing Roseann Sdoia expected when she went to cheer on runners near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Turns out, Roseann was standing very close to where the second bomb went off.

Mike Materia was the firefighter who scooped her up and held her hand all the way to the hospital.

Roseann doesn’t remember much from that day or the days that followed.

But she does remember a certain firefighter coming to see her.

And she remembers her mom egging her on, saying that firefighter was cute.

Line of the year–Roseann thought her mom was crazy.

“And I’m like are you kidding me right now? I was just blown up!”

Leave it to mom to know a match that was meant to be.

Roseann and Mike share their love story with CBS News’ Tony Dokoupil.

What a story!

Mike and Roseann are about to come out with a book called, “Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston’s Worst Day.”

It’s the story of four lives that came together in a moment, proving that being in the wrong place at the worst time can lead to unexpectedly beautiful things.”

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Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Marrying The Firefighter Who Saved Her

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