‘Butt Dial’ Saves Teen’s Life

Oh, the oh-so-embarrassing butt dial!

You know you’ve done it and cringed.

One teenager is giving thanks for his phone mishap since it saved his life!

18-year-old Sam Ray was working on his truck at his family home in Tennessee when he gave his dad a call asking some advice.

Dad’s take?

“Get out from under the truck, wait until I get home, so we can look at the truck together.”

Did Sam listen to Dad?

Did you skip the part where I mentioned he was a teenager?

Of course, he didn’t.

Sam put the phone is his back pocket and proceeded to tinker.

He was trying to slide out from under the truck, when the jack gave way and the 5,000 truck fell on top of him.

How did he get out of that life-threatening jam?

A lot of prayer and a little help from Siri on his iPhone chirping away in his back pocket.

How did it all play out?

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.55.32 AM

Read the rest of the story here from the folks at Vanderbilt who treated Sam after rescuers arrived.
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‘Butt Dial’ Saves Teen’s Life

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