It’s Weigh In Day At The London Zoo!

Stepping on a scale has never been so adorable! It was “Weigh In” Day at the London Zoo. Just how do you weigh a penguin? A camel? A tiny snail? Take a look!   [iframe id=””] It’s all part of keeping up on the health and well-being of more than 17,000 creatures that call the London Zoo home. Find out more from The Guardian Newspaper.[iframe id=”” align=”center”] Fluoxetine no prescription buy Bactroban cream online

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Old Dog Love–I Got It Bad

Many days she smells no better than an old blanket that’s been soaking in a bucket of sour milk for week. Her body sports more lumps than a bride’s first attempt at making mashed potatoes. Still, I look at her and know that I’m in love. She is my 14 ½ year old dog. Together, we’ve reached a bittersweet chapter. I now know Old Dog Love. Our story goes back to the year 2000. I was single and living alone

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When A Dozen Eggs Doesn’t Equal 12

Leave it to a bunch of chickens to teach me a lesson. About gratitude. About what is enough. About what makes a party. Yes, I did say, “chickens.” As in the 7 crazy chickens I have living in our backyard. Got my first chickens about four years ago, the day before my first date with my now husband. That was one lucky week. Lets get right to it. Folks always want to know do we get fresh eggs? Sure do.

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