Nerdy Self-Published Author Creates Hollywood Blockbuster

Here’s a story that gives hope to authors everywhere, especially ones, like me, with our pile of rejection letters. The Telegraph says Andy Weir was a computer geek working in Silicon Valley by day, writing fiction by night. His musings about a human mission to Mars turned into his self-published book called, “The Martian.” That self-published book became a New York Times Bestseller and is about to be an awesome movie starring Matt Damon. Here’s what a self-published book turned

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One Direction’s Harry Styles Spots Fan’s Bad Grammar On Sign; Fixes It On Stage!

I have a pop star that screaming tweens, teens, and English teachers everywhere can swoon over. One Direction’s Harry Styles spotted a handwritten sign from the stage in Philadelphia and decided he had to do something about a key grammar mistake. Nothing like the present to take matters into his own hands. [iframe id=”” align=”right”]     What about the 16-year-old girl who created the sign? Was she embarrassed? Are you kidding? Taelor Ford told the BBC that she’s thrilled!

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