The Question Every True Dog Lover Must Answer

Panic set in this week. During a phone call home while I was out of town. A last minute trip I’ll tell you about sometime. For now, this panic was about our “newish” puppy. Because of the last second nature of this trip, I left all the animals in care of my husband. There was a time when this would’ve seemed impossible. This man who didn’t want any pets. This man who has come so far. Early on, he learned

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Friendly Puppy Who Flunked Out Of K9 Police Academy Gets Awesome New Job

What an honor for a dog to make it through the police academy and become part of a hardworking K9 unit. Such was not the fate for Gavel, the German Shepherd puppy in Australia who has flunked out of the police academy. Gavel’s problem? Simply, he’s too nice. 7News says it turns out Gavel likes people so much, the trainers were concerned he wouldn’t have what it takes to take down the bad guys. Quite a beginning for Gavel who

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About That Time My Puppy Threatened To Flunk Obedience School

It’s that performance anxiety dream. The one where you’re in class and you haven’t done all the work. You’re not going to graduate. You’ll be the laughing stock of the class. You’ve had that dream, Dear Reader? The good part is when you wake up realizing this was just a dream. Everything is fine. Oh, were it so. That was no dream. That was my real life. My real puppy. The real final exam at puppy obedience school. I apologize

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