How Great Friendship Comes Down To A Stack Of Pancakes

  My friend called this week to explain something I’d never considered. Great friendship comes down to a stack of pancakes. Her sweet call was apparently prompted by a visit with another friend of hers. A friend who has just filed for divorce. “Being there for her reminded me how you were there for me,” my friend said in a voicemail that I know I will keep for a long time. “How years ago you were there for me during

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I’m So Glad I Didn’t Wait For Marriage

Please catch my newspaper column each week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Dayton Daily News and other newspapers across Ohio.  Here’s this week’s column: I didn’t wait for marriage. Judge me if you want for not holding out. I will simply point the finger at an old boyfriend.  Oh, and my mother.    The Gift* First, my mother who on the occasion of my 40th birthday, sat across from me with my grandmother’s beautiful antique silver tea set on a tray between us.

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June 24, 2013: …And She’ll Be Okay…

I’m sharing one of recent newspaper columns. Please catch me each week in The Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Dayton Daily News. Feel free to leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you. She is my heart’s home. Together we cry through our hard times. Then, we hug. One believes when the other cannot. It’s been like that since we lived together senior year in college. Do you have someone so dear, so solid who you do this

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