Top High School Football Team Features 4-Foot-5 Running Back

Don’t tell Adam Reed he’s too short to do anything! So what that he stands 4-foot-5 inches tall? That doesn’t stop him from having an impact on his high school football team. And I’m not talking just any football team. Adam is a varsity running back for Plantation American Heritage, which happens to be one of the top ranked high school football teams in the country. Hear how Adam doesn’t let being 4-foot-5 hold him back. [iframe id=”” align=”right”] The

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Teen Provides Back Up For Police Officer–Kid Hero!

Just in case you were wondering if there are some great teenagers out there, check out this Facebook post from a police officer just outside of Houston, Texas. Harris County Deputy Constable Tammi Jones Kelley posted a photo on Facebook this week of her and Mckinley Zollner. Apparently, Mckinley approached Officer Kelley as she was pumping gas in the rain and asked if it would be all right if he had her back while she finished up. When she asked

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One Direction’s Harry Styles Spots Fan’s Bad Grammar On Sign; Fixes It On Stage!

I have a pop star that screaming tweens, teens, and English teachers everywhere can swoon over. One Direction’s Harry Styles spotted a handwritten sign from the stage in Philadelphia and decided he had to do something about a key grammar mistake. Nothing like the present to take matters into his own hands. [iframe id=”” align=”right”]     What about the 16-year-old girl who created the sign? Was she embarrassed? Are you kidding? Taelor Ford told the BBC that she’s thrilled!

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Dad Shows Cheap And Free Way To Travel With Kids

Dan Miller and his wife have six kids. Yep, count’em six kids! Which means they never leave the house, let alone travel, right? You would think so, except that wasn’t the life Dan wanted for his kids, so he’s figured out some awesome strategies for families with kids, even a lot of kids, to travel for cheap, and sometimes free. Dan plays the same “travel hacking” game that my husband discovered a few years ago. Such an unfortunate term. It

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Construction Workers Create Sign For Special Little Girl

Just who are those workers so many stories in the air of a construction site? Hidden below the brims of their construction helmets, focused on the challenging and dangerous job in front of them? In St. Louis, two of those workers caught the eye of the “girl in the window.” 2-year-old Vivian Keith was in insolation across the way from the construction site at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, being treated for leukemia. The brightest part of her day? Waving at

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‘Butt Dial’ Saves Teen’s Life

Oh, the oh-so-embarrassing butt dial! You know you’ve done it and cringed. One teenager is giving thanks for his phone mishap since it saved his life! 18-year-old Sam Ray was working on his truck at his family home in Tennessee when he gave his dad a call asking some advice. Dad’s take? “Get out from under the truck, wait until I get home, so we can look at the truck together.” Did Sam listen to Dad? Did you skip the

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