Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

Strangers spy boy’s mother struggling and step up to help A young mother trying to get her son home from school in his wheelchair was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Shannon Ranger shared on Facebook that when she set out to get her six-year-old son home from school Friday she didn’t realize just how bad the weather and snow was in her hometown of Edmonton, Canada. The snow was thicker and wetter than she was planning on. She and

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Customers Buy Out Doughnuts Shop Every Day So Owner Can Be With His Ailing Wife

Dozens of doughnuts make kindness go round and round Doughnuts are the key to one Southern California neighborhood helping out a couple who have served their community for years. ABC7 reports John and Stella Chhan have owned and operated Donut City in Seal Beach for three decades. They bought the shop after they immigrated as refugees from Cambodia. Recently, customers have noticed Mr. Chhan is running the shop by himself. He shared that his wife had suffered an aneurysm.  He

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Political Opponents End Debate In Harmony With Beautiful Music Duet

Duet Sets The Tone During The Unsettled Times Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo do not appear to be a political duet made in heaven. And they’re not. They’re running against other for a state House seat in Lamoille County, Vermont. Lucy is a Democrat. Zac is a Republican. They have very different political views, which was quite evident during a recent debate. Interested citizens were expecting that. What they were not expecting is what Rogers and Mayo did at the

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Rescued Elephants Find Paradise At Amazing Sanctuary

Elephants are saved from a life of abuse, logging and entertainment It’s not an easy life for elephants in Thailand.  Some roam free. The vast majority live horrendous lives, abused, forced to work in the logging industry. Even situations that can look harmless to tourists, like performing elephants, or ones that give rides, are miserable situations for the animals. That’s what makes the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary so special. This is a place where elephants just get to be elephants. My

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How Five Brothers Overwhelm Their Sister On Her Wedding Day Will Have You Bawling

Trying to make up for the absence of their late father Kaley West’s brothers knew their sister would be missing out on a huge dream as part of her wedding.  She wouldn’t be able to have the traditional father-daughter dance. Kaley and her five brothers lost their dad in 2015 to heart disease.  The brothers knew they couldn’t bring dad back, but were determined to stand in for him and create a special memory for their beloved sister. So, they

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Pediatric Neurosurgeon Operates on Teddy Bear To Fulfill Unusual Request 

Teddy Bear Undergoes Surgery To Comfort His Little Boy A teddy bear named “Little Baby” and his 8-year-old pal, Jackson McKie are pretty much inseparable.   This would be important for just about any kid, but Jackson is a kid who can use some extra comforting.  He has a condition called hydrocephalus which means he gets really bad headaches and has undergone a number of surgeries. Jackson  was having a shunt repaired last week at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax

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