Pilot Diverts Flight To Save Dog’s Life

Air Canada says one of its pilots diverted an international flight to ensure a dog could travel in safety. The dog, identified in media reports as Simba, a French bulldog, was traveling in the cargo hold of a flight bound to Toronto from Tel Aviv. The Toronto Star reports the unidentified pilot got an indicator that one of the heaters in the cargo hold had malfunctioned. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GpOMaHIk5UM” align=”right” mode=”normal”] Any pilot who diverted an airliner to save a dog’s

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My Dog’s Name-The One I Never Wanted To Give Her, But Had No Choice

Oh, yes I did. Simply did what any other crazy dog lover would do. When I saw a new survey announcing “The Most Popular Dog Names In America,” I clicked. Clicked first. Ahead of checking out any stories on world peace, the volatile stock market or the environment, for surely, knowing where my dog’s name placed on the survey was more important, more pressing than any of those matters. I see you and your dog nodding, “Yes, of course.” It’s

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Dog Gets Final Trip To See Ocean For First Time

The plan was all set. Cassidy Williams was getting married on the Oregon Coast in August and her beloved lab, Dood, would be the ring bearer. Then came the diagnosis no dog lover ever wants to hear: Cancer. Dood didn’t have long to live. This is a family who loves their dog and wouldn’t be swayed. This would call for a change of plans. Cassidy’s dad decided to cancel his flight from Utah. Instead, he made Dood comfortable in the

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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Bay Bridge In San Francisco? **MYSTERY SOLVED!! UPDATE!

UPDATE: A week later, we now know why this chicken crossed the road, or the Bay Bridge. Mystery solved! Premarin no prescription   Oh, let the jokes and puns begin! But this was a real traffic snarl and report Wednesday morning. KCBS tweeted the traffic alert. Loose chicken halts traffic at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza http://t.co/bEhC7kes9z pic.twitter.com/mMMnxBwlr6 — KCBS 740 AM/106.9 FM (@KCBSNews) September 2, 2015 KPIX shows what my fellow chicken lovers know–chicken crossed the road because chicken

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Blind Couple Marries After Their Guide Dogs Fall In Love

Who knew they teach matchmaking at guide dog school? That’s how things played out for Clare Johnson and Mark Gaffey when they signed up to get guide dogs. Clare’s dog, Venice, became an item with Mark’s dog, Rodd. It was only natural for the humans to let their guide dogs to lead the way. Here’s Clare and Mark telling their sweet love story. [iframe id=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1014654.html”] How perfect that Venice and Rodd were ring bearers at the wedding! Read more about

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Old Dog Love–I Got It Bad

Many days she smells no better than an old blanket that’s been soaking in a bucket of sour milk for week. Her body sports more lumps than a bride’s first attempt at making mashed potatoes. Still, I look at her and know that I’m in love. She is my 14 ½ year old dog. Together, we’ve reached a bittersweet chapter. I now know Old Dog Love. Our story goes back to the year 2000. I was single and living alone

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