10-Year-Old Girl Sings To Shelter Animals And Helps Them Get Adopted

Nancy Tant wanted the animals at the Humane Society to be happy 10-year-old Nancy Tant loves shelter animals. She went through training to be one of those kids who reads to animals at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, but it made her sad. Her mother, Betsy, helped her figure out a better way.  How could she make this a happier experience. The answer was as close as ukulele Nancy has been learning to play. She now spends her

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Dog Mayor Is Elected Head Of California Town

Finally, Dog Mayor Is a Politician All Voters Can Support All hail the Dog Mayor! Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II is now the mayor of Idyllwild, California. You can just call him, “Mayor Max.”  Like any practical, ambitious politician he has accepted campaign donations. In this case, the money is going to help rescue animals. KMIR-TV has His Honor’s story. Just like any successful politician, Mayor Max has his own website.  There, you can find information like the mayor’s job

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Reporter Interrupts Facebook Live Report To Save Therapy Dog From Hurricane Florence Flooding

Hurricane Florence flooding presented a big challenge TV reporter Julie Wilson. She was focused on her Facebook Live streaming report in New Bern, North Carolina. Wilson was doing a very good job describing all the dangers surrounding her as the flood waters continued to rise. But when she came across a woman determined to save her daughter’s therapy dog, she immediately shifted to what was most important–saving the dog. Wilson brought visitors along sloshing through the waters as the scared

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Why You Should Hire My Dog As Your Next Commencement Speaker

An opportunity has been missed. In this Graduation Season I see a long list of celebrities, politicians, and business giants asked to give commencement speeches. I watch. Looking to be impressed. Instead, I’m left with the feeling that once you get past the famous name, there’s often something missing. The feeling that, well, My dog could do better. So, graduates of the Class of 2018, let me fill in the blanks where perhaps your commencement speaker left you wanting. I

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Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With Man With Dementia

You won’t find this treatment for dementia in the medical books. Yet, there is no question that a little rescue dog is making a huge difference in the life of Mandy Looney‘s father. When a matted, beat up dog came into the Michigan Humane Society, Looney decided to foster him. His name is Louis. Once the shelter rescued him from the streets and cleaned him up, it became apparent that Louis had some behavior issues. He was going to need

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High Tech Glasses Let Blind Woman See Her Guide Dog For First Time

High tech glasses are making big wishes come true for Mary Sedgwick. She has a condition called bilateral optic neuritis and has been legally blind since 2003. She was in medical school when she was diagnosed and her condition led her to realize she couldn’t become a doctor like she’d always dreamed. Fox5 reports these new glasses have a high-speed and high-definition camera that shows the user what’s before them on two, near-to-the eye displays. The first thing Sedgwick wanted

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