Fumbled NFL Punt Leads To Love, Marriage And Two Babies!

Talk about a great “How They Met Story!” A fumbled punt in a 2007 NFL playoff game meant the Seattle Seahawks got a gift–they’d advance in the playoffs, playing the Chicago Bears. This was great news for lifelong Seahawks fan, David Webber, who was living in Chicago. He had no idea how great. Here’s the story of how a simple search for other fans led to love, marriage and now two kids! [iframe id=”http://www.today.com/offsite/seahawks-fandom-sparks-an-enduring-cross-country-romance-527963715817″ align=”right” mode=”normal”]

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Top High School Football Team Features 4-Foot-5 Running Back

Don’t tell Adam Reed he’s too short to do anything! So what that he stands 4-foot-5 inches tall? That doesn’t stop him from having an impact on his high school football team. And I’m not talking just any football team. Adam is a varsity running back for Plantation American Heritage, which happens to be one of the top ranked high school football teams in the country. Hear how Adam doesn’t let being 4-foot-5 hold him back. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/n3uDL0P8cqg” align=”right”] The

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From Orphan To NFL Owner, One Of Most Powerful Women In Sports

The call came on Christmas Eve 1974, almost exactly nine months after Ralph and Marilyn Kerr, who were already raising two biological sons in Fairport, NY began the process of trying to adopt a child from overseas. The Kerrs always found that nine-month time frame appropriate and perhaps a bit karmic, “Because that’s how long it takes to make a baby,” Ralph said with a smile. That 5-year-old baby girl became Kim Kerr. She is now married to Terry Pegula

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