Tyler Perry Pays Off $434,000 In Christmas Layaway Accounts At Walmarts In Georgia

Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa Superstar producer, director, writer, actor Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa. He’s successful at so much. Playing Santa and staying under the radar, not so much. Perry reached out to two Walmart stores in the Atlanta area and paid off $434,000 in Christmas layaway accounts. Perry confessed on his Twitter feed and told the lucky folks what they need to go do next. I was trying to do

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NBA Star Steph Curry Answers 9-Year-Old Girl “Why Do Your Shoes Only Come In Boys Sizes?”

Curry gets great question and gives great answer NBA star Steph Curry has to defend against the best basketball players in the world. But was he ready for a hard-hitting question from a 9-year-old girl? Riley Morrison is that girl. She lives in California, plays basketball and wanted a pair of Curry’s shoes, Curry 5, for her new season. But when her dad went to the Under Armour website, he noticed the shoes come in Boys sizes, but none for

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Couple Takes In 93 Year-Old WWII Veteran Who Escaped California Wildfire

WWII Veteran Lee Bundige was alone. Now, he’s family. Tracy Grant showed up to help evacuees of the Camp Fire in Northern California. She had no idea how that one simple act of kindness would change the course of her day and her life. Grant spotted WWII veteran Lee Bundige as she was handing out hamburgers. That’s when she noticed the 93-year-old man was alone. Grant owns a vintage store in Oroville, California. She knows a treasure when she see

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Kind Strangers Carry Little Boy And His Wheelchair Through The Snow

Strangers spy boy’s mother struggling and step up to help A young mother trying to get her son home from school in his wheelchair was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Shannon Ranger shared on Facebook that when she set out to get her six-year-old son home from school Friday she didn’t realize just how bad the weather and snow was in her hometown of Edmonton, Canada. The snow was thicker and wetter than she was planning on. She and

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Customers Buy Out Doughnuts Shop Every Day So Owner Can Be With His Ailing Wife

Dozens of doughnuts make kindness go round and round Doughnuts are the key to one Southern California neighborhood helping out a couple who have served their community for years. ABC7 reports John and Stella Chhan have owned and operated Donut City in Seal Beach for three decades. They bought the shop after they immigrated as refugees from Cambodia. Recently, customers have noticed Mr. Chhan is running the shop by himself. He shared that his wife had suffered an aneurysm.  He

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New College Student And Struggling Minister Become Answer To Each Other’s Prayers

Strangers To Each Other Until This Incredible Thing Happened Prayers from Minister Jerome Jones and college freshman Mykehia Curry have taken an interesting turn. Jones preaches at Springfield Baptist Church in Monticello, Georgia. He tells CBS News’ Steve Hartman that he had been struggling with this faith. Curry is the first in her family to go to college and had no idea how she was going to make it. How these two came together. How they became the answer to each

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