F-16 Pilot Was Ready To Give Her Life On September 11th

The top trending article on WashingtonPost.com revisits the story of one incredible American hero. It’s the story of Major Heather Penney, one of the first female fighter pilots allowed in the US Air Force. She had her hand on the throttle of her F-16 with very clear orders–bring down United Flight 93, the fourth of the hijacked airliners. But consider this: She had no ammunition. No missiles. Nothing. Talk about a different time–there were no armed aircraft standing by near

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Last Known Living 9/11 Search & Rescue Dog Honored With 16th Birthday Celebration

100 search and rescue dogs deployed at Ground Zero after 9/11. Bretagne, the golden retriever, is the last known living dog of that group of heroes 9/11 search and rescue dogs. Of course, she is so special in the eyes of many New Yorkers. To honor Bretagne and to pay respects to the upcoming September 11th anniversary, BarkPost teamed up with 1 Hotels to give Bretagne her best day ever for her 16th birthday. Bretagne and her owner/handler, Denise Corliss, were invited back

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Teen Provides Back Up For Police Officer–Kid Hero!

Just in case you were wondering if there are some great teenagers out there, check out this Facebook post from a police officer just outside of Houston, Texas. Harris County Deputy Constable Tammi Jones Kelley posted a photo on Facebook this week of her and Mckinley Zollner. Apparently, Mckinley approached Officer Kelley as she was pumping gas in the rain and asked if it would be all right if he had her back while she finished up. When she asked

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Firefighters Rescue Drowned Phone; Have Fun With Confused Owner

You gotta love firefighters with sense of humor! When Nathan Buhler dropped his Samsung mobile phone in a river in Calgary, Canada, he figured it was gone forever. Time to get a new phone! Not so fast! The Calgary Sun reports weeks after that dreaded drop, two Calgary firefighters fished that phone out of the river.  Much to their surprise, when they turned the phone on, it worked. How to find the owner? How do we do everything these days?

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‘Butt Dial’ Saves Teen’s Life

Oh, the oh-so-embarrassing butt dial! You know you’ve done it and cringed. One teenager is giving thanks for his phone mishap since it saved his life! 18-year-old Sam Ray was working on his truck at his family home in Tennessee when he gave his dad a call asking some advice. Dad’s take? “Get out from under the truck, wait until I get home, so we can look at the truck together.” Did Sam listen to Dad? Did you skip the

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Train Track Inspector’s Good Deed Goes Viral

Josh Cyganik didn’t know Leonard Bullock very well. He was just the older gentleman who lived across the street from the tracks that Josh was in charge of maintaining in Pendleton, Oregon.   But when Josh heard some rude teenagers make fun of the aged paint job on the 75-year-old’s house, he decided to take action. See how his act of kindness rallied a community, brought great joy to a sweet man and showed the world what’s possible. You can

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