Man Weeps: Finds Out Wife Is Pregnant, 17 Years Trying

Talk about wanting a dream for a very long time! Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves have been trying to have kids ever since they got married 17 years ago. That difficult infertility journey included so many heartbreaks including four miscarriages and one stillborn birth. It looks like their biggest dream is about to come true. Check out how Dana chose to share the news with Arkell that she is five months into a healthy pregnancy. They are due to have

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Father of Bride’s Surprise For Stepdad: Let’s Walk OUR Daughter Down The Aisle

Here’s a wedding story that will touch blended families everywhere. When it was time for Father of The Bride, Todd Bachman, to walk his daughter, Brittany, down the aisle, he sprang a wonderful surprise. He told wedding photographer Delia Blackburn to be on her toes, he was about to do something wonderful. Bachman sure delivered! WKYC reports that Bachman walked up to his daughter’s stepdad, Todd Cendrosky, and told him it was time to walk THEIR daughter down the aisle.

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Fumbled NFL Punt Leads To Love, Marriage And Two Babies!

Talk about a great “How They Met Story!” A fumbled punt in a 2007 NFL playoff game meant the Seattle Seahawks got a gift–they’d advance in the playoffs, playing the Chicago Bears. This was great news for lifelong Seahawks fan, David Webber, who was living in Chicago. He had no idea how great. Here’s the story of how a simple search for other fans led to love, marriage and now two kids! [iframe id=”″ align=”right” mode=”normal”]

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The Spoon That Held Hope I’d One Day Find Love

(((Coming up on our third wedding anniversary is making me nostalgic for that time when impossible dreams starting coming true. Sharing this column for you, who is still hoping to find love, and the friend who believes it’s possible, even when you can’t believe any longer. From June 2012:))) It must’ve been about four years ago when I first heard about The Spoon. Some of my best lady friends and I were on a Girls’ Trip to Charleston, SC. You know

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Blind Couple Marries After Their Guide Dogs Fall In Love

Who knew they teach matchmaking at guide dog school? That’s how things played out for Clare Johnson and Mark Gaffey when they signed up to get guide dogs. Clare’s dog, Venice, became an item with Mark’s dog, Rodd. It was only natural for the humans to let their guide dogs to lead the way. Here’s Clare and Mark telling their sweet love story. [iframe id=””] How perfect that Venice and Rodd were ring bearers at the wedding! Read more about

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Man Pops Coca-Cola Themed Marriage Proposal

Wil Ramos decided to pop the question with pop! He works at Coca-Cola World Headquarters in Atlanta and decided he could use that as a backdrop to propose to his girlfriend, Trunshedda Washington. Folks behind the scenes helped with some custom printed Coke bottles. Trunshedda thought she was showing up to accompany Wil to some work-related event. Instead, she got one of the sweetest surprises of her life. See more photos and read more about Wil and Trunshedda’s love story

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