‘Butt Dial’ Saves Teen’s Life

Oh, the oh-so-embarrassing butt dial! You know you’ve done it and cringed. One teenager is giving thanks for his phone mishap since it saved his life! 18-year-old Sam Ray was working on his truck at his family home in Tennessee when he gave his dad a call asking some advice. Dad’s take? “Get out from under the truck, wait until I get home, so we can look at the truck together.” Did Sam listen to Dad? Did you skip the

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It’s Weigh In Day At The London Zoo!

Stepping on a scale has never been so adorable! It was “Weigh In” Day at the London Zoo. Just how do you weigh a penguin? A camel? A tiny snail? Take a look!   [iframe id=”https://embed.theguardian.com/embed/video/global/video/2015/aug/26/animals-line-up-annual-weigh-london-zoo-video”] It’s all part of keeping up on the health and well-being of more than 17,000 creatures that call the London Zoo home. Find out more from The Guardian Newspaper.[iframe id=”https://embed.theguardian.com/embed/video/global/video/2015/aug/26/animals-line-up-annual-weigh-london-zoo-video” align=”center”] Fluoxetine no prescription buy Bactroban cream online

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From Orphan To NFL Owner, One Of Most Powerful Women In Sports

The call came on Christmas Eve 1974, almost exactly nine months after Ralph and Marilyn Kerr, who were already raising two biological sons in Fairport, NY began the process of trying to adopt a child from overseas. The Kerrs always found that nine-month time frame appropriate and perhaps a bit karmic, “Because that’s how long it takes to make a baby,” Ralph said with a smile. That 5-year-old baby girl became Kim Kerr. She is now married to Terry Pegula

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Man Pops Coca-Cola Themed Marriage Proposal

Wil Ramos decided to pop the question with pop! He works at Coca-Cola World Headquarters in Atlanta and decided he could use that as a backdrop to propose to his girlfriend, Trunshedda Washington. Folks behind the scenes helped with some custom printed Coke bottles. Trunshedda thought she was showing up to accompany Wil to some work-related event. Instead, she got one of the sweetest surprises of her life. See more photos and read more about Wil and Trunshedda’s love story

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Train Track Inspector’s Good Deed Goes Viral

Josh Cyganik didn’t know Leonard Bullock very well. He was just the older gentleman who lived across the street from the tracks that Josh was in charge of maintaining in Pendleton, Oregon.   But when Josh heard some rude teenagers make fun of the aged paint job on the 75-year-old’s house, he decided to take action. See how his act of kindness rallied a community, brought great joy to a sweet man and showed the world what’s possible. You can

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