Chobani CEO Giving Employees Piece Yogurt Empire

Chobani Yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya knows what it is to have a dream come true.

He will tell you he came to the United States with nothing from Syria and built his company from the ground up.

Of course, he knows he didn’t do it alone.

So, this week he made announcement to his employees.

One that show his gratitude.

Acknowledges their hard work.

And best of all, cuts them in on the riches to come.

NBC News was there as this business mogul shared the incredible news.

As The New York Times headlines says, “At Chobani, Now It’s Not Just The Yogurt That’s Rich.”

You might want to take a look at the article.

It has some interesting behind-the-scenes reasons Mr. Ulukaya might have had for making the deal.

Not to take away from his generosity, as the shares given away are from his ownership stake in the company.

There are some interesting twists including a divorce and a difficult relationship with the venture capitalist firm who invested in the company and might want to force Mr. Ulukaya out.

Clearly, he’s not going without a fight or without looking out for the employees he holds dear.

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Chobani CEO Giving Employees Piece Yogurt Empire

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