CNBC Anchors Share Best Money Advice From Dad

CNBC anchors share money advice from dad.

Money advice from dad must’ve sunk in for these CNBC anchors to have such successful careers

Did you get great money advice from your dad?

I’m a bit late in posting this since Father’s Day was last month, but I think it’s a good segment.

CNBC asked some of their anchors “What is the best money advice your dad ever gave you?”

The tips cover quite a range.

Sharon Epperson says "Always have some 'mad money,' was the money advice from dad. Here they are on her wedding day.
Sharon Epperson says “Always have some ‘mad money,’ was the money advice from dad. Here they are on her wedding day.

‘Always have mad money’

CNBC Personal finance correspondent Sharon Epperson says her late father told her she should always have ‘mad money.”

“He meant he wanted me to have a $20 bill in my wallet at all times so that I never had to ask anyone else to get me home or get me what I needed,” she said.

‘Live below your means’

Tyler Mathisen said his dad wasn’t a big talker.

He taught by doing.

That meant the family lived below their means.

“We always had smaller cars than we could have afforded. We always took more modest vacations than he probably could have afforded,” he remembered.

My own dad’s advice

My dad did give me some practical advice on money.

When I had to fix my car or pay maintenance he would simply say, “That’s the price of owning a car.”

And he would point out that even a big bill on a used car was usually cheaper than getting a new car and having a car payment.

On that he was brilliant.

Big picture? He taught me to do as he said, not as he did.

Pretty much you don’t want to be a compulsive gambler.

I got that one down very clearly.

What my husband is teaching our kids

Venice, Italy. July 2018. We flew over on Business Class tickets Husband found at the last second. How sweet it is that we can travel the world as a family thanks to his crazy frequent flyer mile hobby.

I know it makes them crazy, but I’m pretty sure our kids will say the best money guidance they’re getting from their dad is how to earn mega frequent flyer miles from the money you need to spend on every day stuff.

This point of view and hobby of his has taken over our lives.

And, I have to admit, taken us all over the world in luxury while we spend only pennies.

Have you seen You might want to check it out.

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What about your dad?

Did you dad give you any good advice? Please share in the Comments section below.

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CNBC Anchors Share Best Money Advice From Dad

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