Cookie Monster Outtakes Even Better Than His iPhone Commercial

I have been so delighted and amused by Cookie Monster’s recent commercial for Apple’s iPhone 6s.

I watch it over and over again, as Cookie goes crazy wanting Siri to tell him his cookies are ready to come out of the oven.

It speaks to my love of cookies and how hard it is to be patient when you want something to happen right away.

We all get that, right?

Cookie Monster is a long-time star. A true professional, but even Cookie has to do more than one take, so Apple has now released the outtakes from shooting the commercial.

I guess no one is perfect.

I just fell in love even more with Cookie.


Just in case you are not one of the almost 10 million people who have watched Cookie’s iPhone commercial on YouTube, here it is:

Hello Kitty Collection 11.10.14
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Cookie Monster Outtakes Even Better Than His iPhone Commercial

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