Cop Who Saved Baby’s Life Becomes Her Godfather

The parents of baby Ma'Yavi Parham have asked Lt. Kenneth Knox to become their daughter's godfather after the officer saved their baby's life.

Lt. Kenneth Knox of Meriwether, Georgia can now add, “Godfather” to his title.

Knox shared on his Facebook page that he’s been a cop for 25 years.

He answered a call late last month that changed his life forever.

Young parents called 911 because their baby girl was choking.

They had tried CPR, nothing was working until Lt. Knox showed up.

He was able to dislodge what was choking the baby.

He describes how hearing baby Ma’Yavi Parham cry was the sweetest sound he’s ever heard.

Now he shares that the parents have asked him to become the godfather to their precious baby girl.

Lt. Knox is over the moon.

Here is how Lt. Knox shared the news on his Facebook page.

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Cop Who Saved Baby’s Life Becomes Her Godfather

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