Crushing Winter’s Energy’s Costs With A Free App

A new free app called, "HomeSelfe" can help you bring down the crushing costs of energy during the winter.

This article on a creative way to bring down your winter energy cost is paid content that I thought could be very helpful. I know I found some good tips.

One of the biggest ways our budget takes an enormous wallop is during winter months. That’s why it is a good idea to make sure that you are using the cheapest energy provider to help you spend less on your utilty bills. You can do this by checking out someone like Usave, as this will help you gain a bit more control over the money you spend on your bills. Rising utility costs and an increase in supply and demand takes a huge bite out of our budget when we’re just trying to stay warm. Thankfully, HomeSelfe, the makers of a free, downloadable energy-saving app, will put homeowners back in control of these rising utility costs.

While many of us are already using newer methods in an attempt to help contain these insane costs, like the installation of programmable “smart” thermostats, lowering our comfort settings, using more energy-efficient lighting solutions, but what about other “unseen” ways we could be saving? Homeselfe has found many hidden ways that we could be leaching money into the atmosphere and money out of our pockets. One way of decreasing energy costs that many businesses are taking advantage of is by switching their business electricity supplier. By doing this, you can save hundreds in energy costs for your home or business.

Take A Picture – It Last Longer

Without revisiting playground days, HomeSelfe’s has a more revolutionary concept that’s similar to taking a “selfie” of your home and how it could be wasting energy, costing you more money and finding ways for homeowners to reap rewards. After installing the free app, HomeSelfe takes you on a quick tour of your house, asking some basic questions about these surroundings, and at the end you’re given a report with some recommendations.

Some are simple, like replacing light bulbs and others are more complex like if updating outdated appliances could save hundreds of dollars into the future. Other tips may include replacing weatherstripping or adding more insulation into your attic. While typical energy saving amounts could range from 5 to 15% or more, it’s difficult to measure considering each, individual household and the results given.

In the spirit of staying warmer this year and saving money on utility costs, check out this infographic, “How To Stay Warm in the Winter (Without Freezing Your Wallet),” for more ways to to keep extra cash in your wallet while keeping warm and cozy and crushing your utility bill!



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Crushing Winter’s Energy’s Costs With A Free App

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