Dad Takes Toddler Daughter Surfing On His Back


Here’s an adorable video I found on the I Love Surfing Facebook page.

There’s not a lot of information.

The caption just says, “What happens when it’s mom’s day off and your dad is a kick ass surfer!”

I know all the hyper-safety nuts will go nuts.

Where’s the little girl’s floaties?

What if she falls off?

Seems like dad and daughter have this one down.

I know my brother, sister and I learned to swim in the ocean waters of Santa Monica. I can’t ever remember having a floaty or vest on.

There’s something about learning to swim in rough waters with waves and riptides that teaches a respect and ease in the water.  No false sense of security a backyard pool can lull you into.

My brother and his boys still surf in the waves off the coast of San Diego.

I’m hoping he gets a big kick out of this.

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Dad Takes Toddler Daughter Surfing On His Back

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