Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class Will Have You Leaping With Smiles

The Philadelphia Dance Center creates a daddy-daughter ballet dance event.

Watching ballet has never been so entertaining.

The Philadelphia Dance Center had a brilliant idea this past Valentine’s Day to invite dads to participate in their daughter’s ballet classes.

Even better, they made and posted videos of the dads and their gallant efforts to keep up with their girls.

Some dads even wore tutus!

Cue up Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” and let the dancing and smiles begin.

The studio made sure this wasn’t just a Daddy-Daughter deal.

“We had fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, too,” Thom McIntyre, the studio’s owner, told Refinery29.

“The dads felt great, though I’m sure they’re a little sore today,” he added “And the kids loved every minute of it.”

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Daddy-Daughter Ballet Class Will Have You Leaping With Smiles

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