Hire Daryn: Your story is my business

I tell stories.

Following my network news career, I’m telling stories for all sorts of clients from billion dollar companies to regular folks who want to turn their life story into a book.

I also do a lot of public speaking.

Take a few decades in the news business, add in skills to tell stories on multiple platforms.

That’s what you get when we work together.

Let’s create online content


I will tell your company’s story, share your values, promote your product.

Pie baking entrepreneur Lauren Bolden wanted a video to promote her new Pie Provision kits. Assignment: Show how delicious and easy the kits are and support local farmers. Oh, and do it in two minutes.

What story is your company looking to tell?

Let’s keynote


Let’s talk reinvention!

How to do it at work &/or in your personal life. I share my own inspiringly imperfect journey.

Companies, groups, keynotes. I’m there! We’ll also talk how to watch the news and get inspired. Really!

Let’s tell your life story


How long have you been saying you should write a book?

Let’s get it done! I’m helping clients around the world create their biographies.

We can work through this fabulous company I’ve been working with called Story Terrace or we can create our own relationship.


Check out my story

How did I end up here, a professional storyteller? I would’ve never believed if I hadn’t lived it.


Reach out

Drop me a line at Daryn@DarynKagan.com.

Tell me a little bit about your story. About the content you’re looking to create.

Maybe you need a speaker for you company or event? Someone different, inspiring, NON-political, who leaves audiences with the thought of what’s possible.



We’ll talk, figure out who the audience is you’re trying to reach and come up with a great plan to create content on any of many platforms.

Just a few of my recent clients