Delta Flight Attendant’s Compassionate Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Delta Airlines flight attendant Jeffery Jones commits act of kindness and compassion for a passenger with Parkinson's Disease.

Delta Airlines flight attendant Jeffery Jones might not realize it, but he’s turning into a viral internet star.


For his simple act of kindness and compassion.

The best part, to read the account from another passenger, Jeffery was simply being Jeffery.

Passenger Sharon Radcliffe was on a flight from Detroit to Nashville on March 6th.  She shared on Facebook something that moved her to tears.

Radcliffe wrote that flight attendant Jones spotted a woman seated in coach who has Parkinson’s disease.

Without making a fuss, he took the woman’s hand and led her to an open seat in First Class.

And then, throughout the flight, took extra care of the woman.  She writes, “For the ENTIRE flight I could see him checking in on her, patting her back. helping her get up, walking her (holding hands) up and down the aisle and generally “mother hen-ing” her.”

When Radcliffe asked if she could help the woman, as well, Jones replied to her, ” ‘I GOT THIS’! He told me his grandmother had Parkinson’s and that he was all good, but that he very much appreciated my offer for help.”

Here is Radcliffe’s full account and photos. She is an excellent Kindness Correspondent!

Well done, Sharon!

And of course, well done, Jeffery Jones!

Though, I suspect, Sharon simply caught him doing what he does everyday at work.

Today, I’m smiling to share something positive from an airline experience.

I hope it takes you for a smiling ride of kindness, as well.

Feel free to share any bravos to Jeffery Jones and Delta below.

Even better, share something positive and kind that has happened to you or you’ve witness on a recent trip.

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Delta Flight Attendant’s Compassionate Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

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