“Emotional Support Duck” Spotted Waddling Down Aisle Of North Carolina Flight

Emotional support duck spotted on flight from Charlotte to Asheville.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all on a flight, along comes Daniel the emotional support duck.

An amused passenger spotted Daniel this weekend on a flight from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina.

Author Mark Essig tweeted he watched this duck waddle on board like he belonged.

He also mentioned Daniel was wearing a Captain America diaper and little red shoes over his webbed feet.

Daniel’s human is Carla Fitzgerald.

She tells the Citizen Herald that she was in a nasty accident a few years ago.  She’s had to learn how to walk again and still has PTSD.

Daniel calms her which is why she’s working to get him certified as an “emotional support duck.”

Fellow passenger, Mark, was so delighted that he took video of Daniel and several pictures, the most popular being a backlit shot of Daniel gazing out the window at the clouds.

All this media is making Daniel an international media celebrity.

His human, Carla, also shared this video of Daniel chowing down on mac n’cheese.

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“Emotional Support Duck” Spotted Waddling Down Aisle Of North Carolina Flight

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