Faith Hill Turns Geeky Mom As She Takes Her Daughter To College

Faith Hill turns geeky mom as she takes daughter, Maggie, to college. Together, they belt out Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

Yeah, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are old enough to have a daughter going off to college.

Now that you feel old, get ready to smile.

She didn’t share where her daughter, Maggie, is going to school, but Hill did post a video on her Instagram page showing a glimpse of the car ride to drop her daughter off.

Together they’re jamming to Taylor Swift‘s song, “Bad Blood.”

Day 1: #BadBlood singalong w/ Maggie on the way to college! @taylorswift

A video posted by Faith Hill (@faithhill) on

I love it when Maggie looks at the camera giving that, “My mom is so embarrassing and such a geek” look that moms around the world know only too well.

If Faith Hill’s road trip car singing can embarrass her daughter, then I feel so much better about my own car performances.

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Faith Hill Turns Geeky Mom As She Takes Her Daughter To College

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