Father Surprises Army Son As Pilot Of Flight Home From Deployment

Captain Mario Lopes is an awesome dad who sure knows how to turn the tables. He also knows how to fly planes.

He’s made a career as an airline pilot, the last 27-years he’s been flying for United Airlines.

He made the most important flight of his life this month, as he managed to fly the plane that was bringing his son home from deployment in Kuwait.

ABC News reports First Lt. Mario Lopes was due to come back from deployment April 14th.

When Capt. Lopes heard United was doing a military charter flight to Norfolk, VA that same day, he was pretty sure his son would be on that flight, though he wasn’t able to confirm it.

Still, he worked with his crew to keep an eye out for his son and distract him while he came on board.

“I made my way behind him and asked, ‘First Lieutenant Lopes, what are you doing on my aircraft?'” Lopes told ABC News. “When he turned around we embraced for as long as I could hold him. I cannot express the emotions I felt holding my son after not seeing him for so long.”

Here is one of the best hugs ever.

Capt Lopes said he will never forget this moment.

“I have been flying since I was 17, I’ve worked for multiple companies prior to my 27-year career at United. I’ve had a lot of memories, but this flight is by far the most important to me,” Lopes told ABC News.

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Father Surprises Army Son As Pilot Of Flight Home From Deployment

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